Ex-prosecutor warns legalizing pot sets dangerous precedent

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RICHMOND, Va. (WTVR) — As the stigma of pot use softens and more states legalize it, educators and enforcers at the Chesterfield SAFE symposium at VCU deliver a stern message: the drug is toxic.

Monte Stiles, a former federal prosecutor, says legalizing pot is setting a dangerous precedent and says the deep pocketed big pot industry is lying about its benefits.

“The legalization path is the absolute wrong path to go,” says Stiles. “I want them to understand that there are forces behind the legalization effort that don’t have the best interest in children or communities.”

Allison Taylor and Brandon Petock can speak from experience about the dangers of marijuana. Both are recovering addicts with the McShin Foundation and say pot can lead you down a path of destruction.

“When you’re involved with marijuana you’re involved with people it leads to other things it definitely does,” says…

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